Tuesday, October 14, 2008

KS GOP Blogs Stupid: "Nancy's a Poopy Head!"

See, we were going to wait until tomorrow to post something regarding Lynn Jenkins' miserable performance in tonight's debate (and that post is still scheduled to hit tomorrow morning, childrens), but we just couldn't let Christian Morgans inane word vomit over at The Kansas Trunkline (snicker) go without some kind of response.

Mr. Morgan said:

All through the debate, Nancy Boyda disrespected not only Lynn Jenkins, but the hosts and the rules of the debate. It is a small issue, but a clear indication that Nancy Boyda will break any rule and cut every corner to win an election.
Oh, you whiny, infantile little twit! You are the King of Melodramaland, and Prince of False Umbrage. The vanity plate on your car doesn't say "Oh my paws and whiskers," does it?

Are you seriously going to say, as the spokesman for a state-level political party, that the important thing we should all take from tonight's debate is that Nancy Boyda didn't follow the rules and that that means she's a liar and a cheat? Can you really be serious?

First of all, we don't agree with Morgan's very premise. The exact opposite was true- Jenkins interrupted the Congresswoman and tried to talk over her a number of times.

But to flesh this one out, in this race it's obvious only one of the candidates is really willing to "cut every corner to win" and that's Lynn Jenkins.

The fact Jenkins continues to rant, even though she knows it's not true, that Nancy Boyda voted for "the largest tax increase in history" shows she'll lie willfully in order to advance her own ambition. Jenkins rants about the fact Boyda has raised taxes- which isn't true at all- Lynn Jenkins is the only candidate in this race who has raised taxes. Jenkins moans about the fact Boyda left a meeting room for 10 mnutes, but skipped out on every meeting of the KPERS Board while $1 billion vanished AND managed to mismanaged 15 million tax dollars for six years.

It's all the classic bait and switch- Jenkins excells at misdirection...or lying...to the voters.


Anonymous said...

"Oh my paws and whiskers!" Loves it!

Anonymous said...

christian morgan is a miserable party leader- and, really, what is his thing about everything being polite? the kind of horrible statments that come out of his office...

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