Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Friggin' Birthday, BB!

Holy God- we've been doing this for a year!

More than 400 posts and 30,000 hits later this little blog has made a real life impact on political blogging in Kansas and about Kansas.

We brought you "Making Tom DeLay Smile" and "The Jenky Tax."

We caused the Republicans of the state fits of apoplexy (including sending our former arch rival Bounce Boyda off the deep end....and straight into the Jenkins campaign. Oh, drat, did we say that?).

We've been linked to on the front page of Daily Kos, Swing State Project and Crooks and Liars, and we've had very public fights with Kansas GOP Executive Director Christan Morgan and Kansas Americans for Prosperity Chief Minion Alan Cobb (we miss you Alan...)- two men that really, really should have something better to do than pay any attention to little ol' us.

Above all else, we did exactly what we set out to do: We've trumpeted Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's successes and beat the living hell out of folks who dared liar about her work in Congress...and we had a lot of fun at Jim Ryun (we miss you, too!) and Lynn Jenkins' expense whenever the opportunity arose.

We'd like to thank all of our readers, everyone who comments (particularly Jenkins & KS GOP office staff), and we'd like to just ask all of you keep reading- this is going to get lots more wild before we're all done!

This blog is not affiliated in any way with the Kansas Democratic Party, the Democratic National Committee, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, or the campaign to re-elected Congresswoman Nancy Boyda. All commentary herein not directly attributed must be considered the opinion of the authors of this blog and not of any other individual, including Congresswoman Nancy Boyda.