Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sarah Palin in for Lynn Jenkins?

Republicans have been known to pull out all the stops in order to try and prop up failing candidates (see Jim Ryun's last minute visit from George W. Bush in 2006), though those last ditch efforts almost always end up doing more harm than good (again, George W. Bush in for Jim Ryun in 2006).

Today, the Kansas Republican Party faces another sagging candidate who is in desperate need of some kind of, you know, umph!, to get her across the finish line.

In swoops the polar bears worst enemy, Gov. Sarah Palin?

No, nothing like that has been announced (though former Governor of Massachusetts and failure of a presidential candidate Mitt Romney is coming in for a visit in a couple of days), but a plan that involves flying dear Ms. Palin in to Kansas jazz up the Repubilcan base is, we're sure, on someone's drawing board somewhere.

Ah, but not so fast- a fellow blogger on the right points out that sending Palin to Kansas does only one thing: signal very, very loudly the GOP is d-e-s-p-e-r-a-t-e.

But sorry Kansas Republicans, no sense sending Palin out campaigning against Nancy Boyda. Doing that quickly sends the "white flag" message nationally.
We agree- though something like that might be the only thing that saves little Lynn Jenkins. She's decided to ignore real issues like the economy and jobs, and instead attack Congresswoman Nancy Boyda for taking votes she didn't take or for spending 10 minutes in a lounge getting a donut during a hearing. Jenkins wants to win the same way Karl Rove has been teaching Republicans to win for years: Ignore what matters to the people, ignore real issues, and, instead, inflame passions and distract.

Well, Lynn, you've got that down pat- as does the good Governor from the Great State of Alaska. Heck, who knows, Lynn, maybe you've got "Failed Vice Presidential Candidate" on your future resume, too?

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