Thursday, October 16, 2008

KS GOP Unveils "Wall of Truth," Rehashes Two Years of Failed Attacks

Sometimes we almost feel bad for the Kansas Republican Party. They've tried so hard for so long to get something- anything- negative to stick against Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, and they have just failed abjectly every single time.

That doesn't stop them though, bless them.

Yesterday, to much fanfare, the KS GOP unveiled the "Wall of Truth" to make sure all of us knew exactly how horrible and awful Boyda really was.

Yeah, that's it. Big sheets of paper taped to the wall. Don't make fun, they haven't got a lot of money. Or creativity. Or truthful arguments.

Anyway, it was honestly nothing new, just the same old partisan attacks repackaged for for a second spin around the block. Same old "largest tax increase in history" that didn't actually happen BS.

We shouldn't have to, but we'll defend Boyda- again. No matter how many times you say it Lynn/Christian, it doesn't make it true:

Jenkins has accused Boyda of voting for the nation's largest tax increase. She is referring to Boyda's vote for a nonbinding budget resolution for outlying years that assumed the lapse in Bush tax cuts. Boyda has routinely pointed out those tax cuts won't expire for a couple of years.


(Boyda spokesman Thomas Seay) said lawmakers haven't acted on the Bush tax cuts yet because they aren't expiring for a few years and said when that time comes, Boyda "will absolutely vote to keep middle-class tax cuts."
It was a nonbinding resolution that raised not a single tax on anyone. No tax increase. None. At all. Stupid Republicans.

They also are trying to undermine the really awesome thing Boyda did to protect our troops from an actual tax increase. Mixed messages, Christian.
Boyda spokesman Thomas Seay said Morgan is confusing issues. The troop tax was going to go into effect next year.
Speaking of mixed messages, we can't help but notice earmarks are very, very bad in the 2nd Congressional District race, but Pat Roberts has been campaign hard on all the pork he's managed to bring home to Kansas. Odd how hypocritical Republicans are when elections roll around.

All and all, it was a waste of press conference, and broke no new ground. Honestly, if these issues haven't persuaded voters yet, why on Earth would they now?

It was a fine attempt at distraction, though, in an effort to make people stop talking about the fact Lynn Jenkins isn't fit to be a Member of Congress and that her proposals would result in massive cuts to programs important to Kansas children. Too bad Hail Mary passes like these never, ever work.

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