Monday, October 20, 2008

KS GOP Tries to Make Boyda Doing Her Job a Bad Thing

More on both of these stories tomorrow, but today the Kansas Republican Party tried really, really hard to make Congresswoman Nancy Boyda doing her job actually Congresswoman Nancy Boyda failing to do her job- and their arguments made exactly as much sense as this sentence does.

First, they're trying awfully hard to compare meetings Boyda has missed on Capitol Hill in DC because of other meetings on Capitol Hill something akin to the KPERS Board of Trustee meetings Lynn Jenkins missed for reasons her campaign refuses to state (*cough* campaigning *cough*). Stupid, desperate move there.

Second, right this very minute we hear the Kansas Republican Party is holding a protest outside of Nancy Boyda's campaign headquarters (actually, from what we understand, it's 5 people on the corner across the street from the HQ, but whatever). They're protesting because Boyda's office has spent about $200,000 of it's budget on "voter communication"- stuff like mailers and newspaper ads and the like- you know, doing that horrible, horrible thing Jim Ryun never did: COMMUNICATING WITH CONSTITUENTS. Oh, the horror!

Anyway, we're sure the Republican partisans who hate Nancy Boyda don't want her to talk about anything she's done ever, but, know what? Most voters do, which is why this second little stunt is even more desperate than the first.

Again, more on both tomorrow...particularly if the day is a slow news day in Topeka.

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