Tuesday, October 21, 2008

KS GOP Hold Seven-Man Protest- with a Great Big Check!

Part Deux of our explanation of the erratic behavior of the Executive Director of the Kansas Republican Party Christian Morgan details his sad, sad little protest of Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's use of the congressional "franking privilege" to send out official newsletters and invitations to public events to her constituents.

Meanwhile on Monday, Morgan joined seven protesters outside Boyda's campaign office to criticize her use of $221,000 in franking charges to, among other activities, make automated calls informing constituents of her "Congress on Your Corner" events.
Yes...that's seven people including Mr. Morgan. Also, the large Michael Scott-esque check he's holding seems to be asking Boyda's campaign to pay for official mailings...which would be illegal...whatever, he's trying to make a point, dang it- who cares if the law gets in the way?

This is one of those silly election year things, and smacks of even increased desperation from the attacks yesterday. Maybe Christian doesn't get it, but one of the reasons Jim Ryun was kicked out on his tail was that he never, ever communicated with his voters until election season. Boyda's not dumb enough to make the same mistake, and the people of her district are better informed because of it.

Oh, but Christian has to pull out the "hypocrisy" card:

Morgan said the mailers were perfectly legal but called Boyda a "hypocrite" for criticizing her 2006 opponent, Jim Ryun, for one of his franking expenditures.

"Nancy Boyda is getting this reputation now as 'Do as I say, not as I do,'" Morgan said.

Seay said the congresswoman raised the issue in 2006 because Ryun had sent out a franked mailer on the last day allowed, three months before the election. The full-color cards "looked and smelled like a campaign piece," he said.

He said Boyda stopped using any franking money in April to try to steer clear of complaints.

Damn, again- even though Morgan wants to make it seem she's being a hypocrite, he just ends up proving she's being more ethical and more prudent than her Republican counterparts.

Sometimes it must just suck to be Christian Morgan.


Anonymous said...

lord....they actually think anyone other than people who hate Nancy Boyda think it's bad that she's communicating with her constituents?

Anonymous said...

This is sad desperation from the repubilcans.

Anonymous said...

Poor Christian, he goes to all the trouble of having that huge check printed, and everyone just laughs at him. For what do you suppose he's compensating with that huge check?

Anonymous said...

a not so huge....nose?

got to be his small nose...

Anonymous said...

naw, he's not compensating for anything- you can't get a woman to sleep with your married ass if you're not packing something

Anonymous said...

Patricia Kilpatrick didn't seem to mind, so he's got something going for him.

Anonymous said...

i'd cheat on my husband with christian morgan.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if former Rep. Kilpatrick really wants her name assocaited with this...but she shouldn't have unzipped Chrsitian's fly, I guess...

Anonymous said...

it's just a epidemic in the kansas repubilcan party- christian can't keep it in his pants, lynn's husband can't keep it in his...i mean, it's just sad!

Anonymous said...

yeah ..... since nancy was "dating" steve when married

Anonymous said...

is nancy going to redistribute wealth also?

Anonymous said...

is lynn going to increase our taxes again?

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