Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jenkins Campaign Won't Explain Unexcused Absenses

It just keeps getting richer and richer!

From the Lawrence Journal-World:

When asked why she missed meetings in July, August and September -- a period when KPERS lost more than $1 billion in investment income -- Jenkins said she had been busy, but didn’t elaborate.

When her campaign was asked what exactly she had been doing to have caused her to miss those meetings, her spokesman Josh Hersh said, “Lynn has been an important and engaged member of the KPERS board since 2003.”

Yes, Josh, so engaged she doesn't even bother to regularly contact the director of the system, as was reported yesterday in the Topeka Capital-Journal. Yes, obviously she's very engaged.

But why, Joshie, why did she miss all those dratted meetings?

Asked again why she missed those meetings, Hersh refused to answer.

Would anyone out there in Internetland like to levy a guess as to why Lynn Jenkins' chair sat empty during the July, August and September meetings of the KPERS Board of Trustees?


Bingo-bango: She was out campaigning for a new job- all the while ignoring the one she has already been elected to, focusing instead on her own personal ambitio-n rather than the good of the State of Kansas.

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