Monday, October 13, 2008

Lynn Jenkins: Wall Street's "Free Market Gal"

Calling yourself a "free market gal" and wondering aloud if the minimum wage is really a good thing or not doesn't seem to be the most sensible track to take during increasingly desperate financial times, but that hasn't seemed to phase Kansas State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins.

And why should it? Jenkins makes no bones regarding the fact she's in the pocket of the financial industry, taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Wall Street big wigs and even from payday lenders.

Lynn hasn't just taken money from the financial services sector, she's taken more of it as a percentage of her total raised than nearly ever other congressional challenger in the country. She's number 5- a full 25% of her money raised has been from the finance, insurance and real estate sector.

She's already promised us she won't close loopholes in the tax code that let big business open a PO box in the Caribbean to avoid paying their share of taxes, and she's already told us she's a "free market gal" and won't put American workers first in trade deals- looking at her fundraising reports can make you that much more sure she won't do anything to rein in Wall Street or to help average Americans.

So, as Jenkins is on the attack harping about tax increases that just aren't real- remember where Lynn's loyalites are- because they certainly aren't with the people of Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Wow, is this really where the Democratic party is today? Slamming somebody because they support a free market? The horror!

Anonymous said...

free markets are great- as long as you protect the little guy, which is something Lynn Jenkins won't do. she's more interested in helping wall street than helping mom and pops in her district.

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