Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Morgan Insinuates Illegal Coordination, Finds Britches Too Big Again

My God, Christian.

Just...good grief.


We shouldn't be suprised at this point that the DCCC and Nancy Boyda are teaming up again to run ads in the 2nd Congressional District race after they said they wouldn't.
Morgan, you pansy- if you're going to actually say Boyda's doing something illegal, say she's going something illegal, don't lie to your tiny little readership. You know "the DCCC and Nancy Boyda" aren't "teaming up" to do anything at all, because you know that would violate federal law. Unless you're going to come out and actually attack her for breaking the law, don't lie about what Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is doing.

Just to be clear, cats, it isn't legal for campaigns to talk, discuss, coordinate, meet in back alleys or send smoke signals to groups who do independent expenditures. To do so would break federal law.

Paint it even clearer, you say? Boyda has NOTHING to do with these ads.

Boyda has been very, very clear that she doesn't want outside ads run on either side of the contest, and remains exactly as clear:
Boyda's campaign said they still haven't seen the ad, but that "Rep. Boyda believes this race should be run without the interference of out-of-state groups. That includes the DCCC, and it includes the out-of-state groups that have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on her opponent's campaign," according to Boyda spokesman Thomas Seay.
Morgan, however, is either implying something much more sinister than he intends, or he's stupid. Or, perhaps, it's just that he enjoys lying to his party faithful. Regardless, he ought not.

He continues, saying:
I don't know if it says more about Nancy Boyda going back on another promise or that Washington thinks Boyda is in BIG trouble in 14 days.
Now hold on one bright blue minute- why is it that, regardless of what happens with money from the DCCC, it means Boyda's losing? When the original ad buy first went up, it was because Boyda was flailing. When the ad buy was canceled, the GOP said it was because she was a lost cause. Now that the ad buy is back- so it again means Boyda's GOT to be losing. Do you play like that because you think no one is paying attention, or because you're that intellectually lazy?

One last note:
It does beg the question: If Nancy Boyda kept the DCCC out of Kansas before, why isn't she telling them to get out now? Shouldn't she put down the ads? I think so - but I won't hold my breath.
See above, Christian- she already had, even before you'd written your silly little post. Again, don't lie to your voters- perhaps the Republican brand wouldn't be so damanged if you'd learn that lesson.


Anonymous said...

do you think he's freaking out because he knows he's not going to have a job in january?

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