Saturday, October 11, 2008

Social Network Battleground

Back again- our rundown of what Congresswoman Nancy Boyda and State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins are doing on the two biggest social networking sites.

We're tracking Facebook and MySpace only.

Candidate# of Friends# of Friends

Rep. Nancy Boyda (D)

FB Profile1,0281,221
FB Page9211,059
FB Group721803
Treasurer Lynn Jenkins (R)

FB Profilen/an/a
FB Page117224
FB Group305352

Comparing a pre-Republican Primary chart to a post-Republican Primary chart shows Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (still) outpacing Lynn Jenkins in the gathering of online friends. Yes, yes, fine, we all know that doesn't translate directly into votes, but one thing is for sure: among people who are paying attention to politics & use Facebook and MySpace there is no great desire to see their Member of Congress with someone like Lynn Jenkins.

Remember, we indicate any up and down movement by putting increasing numbers in bold and falling numbers in italics.


Anonymous said...

lets see what your numbers were before you actually got elected.

Anonymous said...

that's actually very interesting- congresswoman boyda had more supporters than jim ryun did in the run up to the 2006 election on facebook.

Anonymous said...

...but, ryun had more supporters than Jenkins before the primary

so it means nothing

Anonymous said...

no, of course it means very, very little. But, neither do yard signs, but it seems the Jenkins campaign has invest loads in them.

Momentum shows in lots of ways, and enthusiasm shows in lots of ways. It appears the folk on Facebook are not enthusiastic about Lynn Jenkins, but are enthusiastic about Nancy Boyda.

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