Friday, October 10, 2008

NRCC Cancels $580K Ad Buy in Support of Jenkins

As just a little more evidence of Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's strong standing among her fellow Kansans (and her opponent's free fall), the National Republican Campaign Committee has canceled their television ad buy in support of State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins.

That's $580,000 Jenkins was relying on to drag her across the finish line- and now it's just gone.

With the week Jenkins has had- revelations she has missed all of the meetings of the KPERS Board of Trustees in them same quarter the retirement fund lost $1 billion paired with the fact she refuses to say where she was instead of in her chair listening during those meetings ( *cough* stroking her own ambition *cough*) AND the massive cash-on-hand lead Boyda had over her after the bloody Republican primary- news now that she's $580,000 in the hole....this might even manage to take over as the "saddest day" in little Lynn's life.

UPDATE: The KC Star is reporting the NRCC didn't totally cancel their planned by in support of Jenkins, or so says the Jenkins campaign. We'll all believe that when we actually see an ad on the TV.


Anonymous said...

oh snap! bad, bad week in jenkins world!

Anonymous said...

the R's were always going to have a horrible time winning this seat this year- ryun wasn't ever going to win and jenkins is just too green to have any chance- particularly after the week she's had.

maybe next time, boys

Anonymous said...

Lynn Jenkins: DOA

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