Friday, October 17, 2008

Christian Morgan: The Broken Record of Kansas Politics

From a letter from KS GOP Executive Director Christian Morgan in today's Topeka Capital-Journal:

It is fast becoming one of the most important issues in the 2nd Congressional District race between incumbent Nancy Boyda and Lynn Jenkins, state treasurer and certified public accountant: Did Nancy Boyda vote for a budget resolution that paved the way for the largest tax increase in United States history?

If you ask me, she did. She voted "yes," and that "yes" vote was to push forward the budget that allows for the largest tax increase in U.S. history.

Lord, man, you're smart enough to know the difference here, and it's upsetting you're working so hard to mislead the public. The non-binding resolution you're talking about didn't raise a dime of taxes on anyone in the country- no one, not one person. Know why? Because it wasn't a law, it wasn't a bill, it was a non-binding resolution.

The resolution did nothing, nothing at all, to effect the tax code. Nothing. At all. Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (funny how you used all of Lynn Jenkins' titles but forgot Boyda's...) has promised to make all of the middle class tax relief from the Bush tax cuts permanent, and has promised to go much, much farther than the Republicans in Congress ever thought about when it comes to helping the people who really need the help the most.

So, in what we hope with all our hearts will be the last time: Congresswoman Nancy Boyda DID NOT vote for the largest tax increase in history!

Actually, Nancy Boyda hasn't voted for any tax increases on individuals at all. Know who has voted to increase taxes on everyday Kansans? State Treasurer and CPA Lynn Jenkins- oh, and she did it after she promised she wouldn't! So upsetting when that happens...

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