Monday, October 13, 2008

Jenkins Breaks the Bank (with a Little Help)

Lynn Jenkins's faltering campaign for Congress just issued some good news for itself today (much needed, after the week they poor souls had last). The Jenkins camp says they have raised $640,000 since the beginning of August- the largest single quarter haul for a congressional candidate in Kansas history.

Jenkins says she raised this much money because of "her campaign's 'message of lower taxes, returning fiscal sanity to Congress, and finally ending our dependence on foreign oil.'"

Gag. No, Lynn, it's because the President of the United States was going to come raise cash for you (replaced with the First Lady) and because you had to replenish a totally broke campaign following your bruising primary with Jim Ryun. Of course you had a good quarter- otherwise you could have been toast.


Anonymous said...

i'll be excited to see how much of that money came from kansas...

Anonymous said...

i can promise you it'll be people from outside of her district- again. she's never raised the majority of her money in the KS-02 in any of the reports she's filed.

Anonymous said...

jenkins is the real candidate for change and all of you boyda idiots should just forgett about it becase she's not going to get reelected ever at all because kansas sees thru her!!!!!

Anonymous said...

that may be one of the greatest anonymous comments ever. I can't decide if my favorite typo is the double t (probably a reference to old Phill Kline, who probably let his law license lapse again because he left an L off the application) or the 12 year old girl text message speak with the classic "thru".

Tough call.

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