Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BREAKING: Lynn Jenkins FEC Filing Shows Loose Spending

Lynn Jenkins:

Beginning of Period: $489,211.81
Raised: $681,815.66
Disbursements: $574,689.70
Cash-on-Hand: $553,287.77

After a brusing primary, Jenkins has to refill her coffers to even stay in the race, and she certainly did that. But let's break that down a little more:

Itemized Contributions:
Unitemized Contributions:
PAC Contributions:
"Other" Committees:

A quarter of the money Jenkins raised was from PACs, and another 33% came from "other" political committees- we'll look closer at those later. 30% of Jenkins money came from big donors- and only 3% came from small Kansas donors. Each of these numbers certainly says something about where Jenkins' support really comes from.

More on this report, and Boyda's numbers, later tonight

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