Thursday, October 30, 2008

More Lying Attack Ads; Boyda Sets the Reocrd Straight

Really, Republicans, enough already! A new ad on the airwaves now telling the world Congresswoman Nancy Boyda voted for "the largest tax increase in history" even though she never did any such thing.

Here's the ad from "Republicans Who Care" (gag, retch)

The awful, awful thing about this horrible, horrible claim is that IT ISN'T EVEN KIND OF TRUE. No truth. It's not that it's just partially true and we're quibbling about details, no, this claim is TOTALLY FALSE! Boyda hasn't voted to increase taxes on everyday, average Kansans even once. Gah! (We're nearing the Bounce Boyda freakout stage on this one, kids- watch out...)

If the claim even sounded remotely reasonable, the people of the district might respond to it, but the very idea Boyda voted for "the largest tax increase in history" sounds ludicrous, it sounds outlandish, and because of that, no one believes it. Doesn't stop the Republicans for repeating their favorite lie- Jenkins has now used the false claim in two of her four TV ads, it's the center piece of the NRCC's ad, and it's the basis of this new ad. So much money spent pushing a lie.

Anyway, Boyda responded today with a new radio ad:

"Hi, I'm Nancy Boyda. You know, I've heard it said there are only three sure things in this world: death, taxes, and attack ads.

"This campaign season, you're getting all three in one package: attack ads about taxes meant to scare you to death.

"These ads are paid for by D.C. attack groups, spending almost a half-million dollars to tell Kansans how to vote. And in case you were wondering, they're lying.

"Let's set the record straight. Congress has never voted for the so-called 'largest tax increase in history.' Check for yourself! The Journal-World reported these 'tax increase claims... are not true.'

"Here's the truth. I support renewing every single one of the middle-class Bush tax cuts – tax cuts for workers, for families, and yes, for extending the exemption on the death tax.

"These are tough economic times, and you'd better believe I'll keep fighting for middle-class tax relief.

"I'm Nancy Boyda, I'm running for Congress, and I approved this message because democracy requires a thoughtful and informed debate."

It's horrible the Republicans are willing to lie to steal a seat- but that's Karl Rove politics. It's too bad Lynn Jenkins thinks it's ok here.


Anonymous said...

Come on even Nancy Boyda said that politics are a contact sport. What wrong with a little rough up?

Anonymous said...

Boyda said she wasn't going to raise taxes in 06 when she beat Ryun, now she says she is going to raise taxes, but not on most Kansans. Which is it? So the dems aren't going to raise gas taxes? Even poor people use gas.

Anonymous said...

Voting to raise taxes 12 times. Wow that doesn't represent my interest as a 2nd district voter.

Anonymous said...

Boyda has increased taxes on the good people of Kansas- and those people know that already.

Anonymous said...

no, lord- boyda hasn't increased taxes on kansans!

Anonymous said...

the whole claim here has been refuted over and over and over again- boyda voted for a non-binding resolution- non binding resolutions, by definition of being NON BINDING actually can't do...anything at all.

largest tax increase my ass.

Anonymous said...

She voted for a budget that would increase taxes for Americans.

And not just a little tax increase, the larges in US history.

Whether it happened or not isn't the point, the point is Boyda wanted it to happen.

Given the opportunity with increased Democrat representation in the House, Senate and White House how much farther do you think she will go?

Kinda scary when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

no, you conservative liar- the vote boyda took was on a non-binding resolution- everyone knew it was going to do absolutely nothing. the resolution assumed the tax cuts Bush passed that included an expiration date would indeed expire. boyda has said she will not allow any of the tax cuts that affected middle class Kansans to expire, and has proposed more cuts than even are already on the books.

jenkins, on the other hand, has promised not to raise taxes- even though she broke that promise the last time she made it- and even though that means continuing HUGE tax breaks for companies who cost American jobs. That's scary, and un-American.

Anonymous said...

if jenkins had a polling showing herself in the lead, she's publish it. she hasn't, so she doesn't.

Boyda Bloc said...

NOTE: This ad actually ISN'T on TV, as far as we can we just got snookered by an online only ad. Bastards!

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