Thursday, June 12, 2008

The American Conservative: Not Clear GOP Can Beat Boyda

You might not suspect it, but we aren't usual readers of The American Conservative magazine, but we do get Jim Ryun, Lynn Jenkins & Nancy Boyda Google Alerts, so that brings into our laps all kinds of publications we wouldn't normally see.

We're awfully glad this particular piece dropped out of heaven for us though- it's called "The GOPocalypse Keeps Getting Worse." Catchy, don't you think?

When asked which party should control Congress, Democrats win 52-33, which is the largest lead any party has had in 13 years and is a larger lead for the Democrats than they had two years ago. Anyone who cites the high disapproval numbers for Congress as proof that the public has wearied of the Democratic majority is kidding himself.
We've said it before...perhaps now the Republican nuts who have found the blog will believe it, since now it's coming out of the mouth of a fellow conservative. Or, what, is this realist just a liberal in disguise? It's so hard to tell anymore.

The author mopes around in the garden of Republican sorrow for a long time- running through the list of upwards of 30 seats the Democrats have a very serious shot at wresting away from the Republicans in 2008 before finally getting the the Kansas 2nd.
Nancy Boyda’s endorsement of Obama may come back to haunt her in her district, partly because she succeeded against Jim Ryun because she kept her distance from national Democrats last cycle. It may be a mistake for her to associate herself with the national party now that she is an incumbent, but it’s not clear that the Republicans will be able to recover that seat. [emphasis ours]
It actually made this blogger titter to read, "but it's not clear that the Republican will be able to recover that seat."

As to Boyda's endorsement of Obama hurting her...if she had instead run from him as fast as she could in the opposite direction would that have prevented the Republican Party from trying to tie her to him? No, no, no- of course not, they were going to try do it anyway. They'll run their already thrice failed ads again, while Boyda's time back home, two years working with the district & the fact she won't be going to the Democratic National Convention will be plenty to make her distinct in the eyes of the voters.

But,'s not just "not clear" that the Republicans will be able to beat Nancy Boyda, it's apparent they won't be able to beat her.


Anonymous said...

well said BB- the R's are going to try to make Nancy seem like she's best of friends with Obama even if she actually endorsed John won't make any real difference.

Anonymous said...

Well fact is she has endorsed Barry Obama .... oh wait now it is Barack

Anonymous said...

Well fact is she has endorsed Barry Obama .... oh wait now it is Barack

why, yes, she did! you're a conservative and you can read! my goodness!

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