Thursday, June 19, 2008

RealClearPolitics: "Boyda Up Big"

More about the new 2008 General poll from RealClearPolitics:

Though she is widely believed to be one of the most vulnerable first-term Democrats in the country, Kansas Rep. Nancy Boyda may be in better shape than initially thought, a new survey conducted for national Democrats shows.
But in exactly the same place people on the ground in Kansas thought she was.
Despite some missteps in her first term, Boyda is hugely popular, if the poll is to be believed. 68% of respondents in her district said she was doing an excellent or good job, while just 21% had a negative impression of her job performance. 54% said they would definitely or probably vote to re-elect Boyda, while just 35% said they would give someone else a shot.
More popular than any other elected official in the state of Kansas, in fact.

In short, Boyda should be in serious jeopardy in her eastern Kansas district, which includes Topeka and Manhattan. The district gave President Bush a twenty-point win in 2004, the same year Ryun beat Boyda by a fifteen-point margin. And she's not on the DCCC's Frontline list of endangered members, after making clear she would not participate in the project to appear more independent to her district. But if the latest poll is accurate, Boyda may have struck a cord that would keep her safe in her first bid for re-election.

Hell yes she has- but having this kind of information out is only going to make the Republican Party and the NRCC fight even harder, even meaner, to knock her down. She needs your donation today.

Finally, just a little more about the Republican primary:
The late primary, just three months before Election Day, will force Ryun and Jenkins to spend much of their money on each other rather than on Boyda, who already has a financial advantage. Through the end of March, Boyda had $814,000 in the bank, while Jenkins held $486,000 in reserve and Ryun kept $459,000 around. Ryun had outraised both his opponents by wide margins, but much of that money went to paying off debt from last cycle.
Not quite right...Jim's been spending his money on postage stamps, but, the message is OK. Hey, maybe that's why Jenkins isn't doing anything to improve her name recognition- she's keeping her money in the bank for the general! Careful, honey, or you're not going to make it there to spend it.


Anonymous said...

the district is a conservative one, it is a republican one, and boyda has been exactly a perfect democrat in it. she's anti-illegal immigration, pro-constitution, and she's home and all over all the time.

but after the R's go up on TV, these numbers will all go down- it's just a matter of how much they do.

CTL said...

There is going to be a vote on granting telecom immunity tomorrow in the House of Representatives. This is something that the grassroots is passionate about but it looks like the Democrats may capitulate to George Bush again and compromise the Constitution in order to get a pat on the back from big business.

Where does Nancy Boyda stand?

Anonymous said...

Boyda has, thus far, opposed blanket telecom immunity.

Anonymous said...

And the pivot begins. She has opposed blanket immunity, but what do you want to bet she supports the compromise?

"They have to go before a judge", she'll say. Yeah, to show a piece of paper from the President or the head of an intelligence agancy that says he thinks whatever he asked them to do was legal.

This "compromise" is blanket immunity for any wiretapping since 9/11.

Anonymous said...

assume whatever you want... We will all know soon enough

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