Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boyda Camp Launches New Campaign Web Site

Congresswoman Nancy Boyda's campaign launched a brand new revamped web site today- complete with one of the most extensive "Issues" sections we've ever seen on any candidate's web site.

Check it out at http://www.nancyforcongress.com


Anonymous said...

oh nancy...basking in the clouds and wheat...hilarious

Anonymous said...

it's a really pretty web site...and lots of info, too

Jeff Black said...

Christian, Kyle and Pat: Make hard copies of her issue pages. They changed about every other week in 2006. She even changed the text of her kick off speech online. She must have forgotten that she gave out dvds of it. Not that Jim would let us do anything with it...sorry Kyle...but the state party should at least hold her responsible to her shifting positions.

Boyda Bloc said...

Mr. Black, be nice.

Though, I guess we have done plenty to make sure everyone knows both of the Republicans running are flip-floppers, so you might as well be allowed to try to do the same thing with the Congresswoman.

Always hard, though...because, well, her positions haven't changed...and both Ryun's and Jenkins' have.

Pity for you.

Boyda Bloc said...

oh- and so flattered this is your chosen form of communication to the party leadership :-)

careful, or we'll get big heads.

Anonymous said...

lol...whatever...you republican just continue to be jealous she beat your asses in 2006..."it was because she lied, it was because she changed positions..." it was because she was talking the message the people of kansas wanted to hear, and you weren't.

you still aren't.

Jeff Black said...

Hey, I know they read this blog.

Yes, her positions did change.

And no, she didn't win because she changed her position. She won because she worked the media, and had the right message for that election cycle. Which for all her talk about being independent was the exact same message as eleven other D's who were running in '06, but oh well.

Will that same message hold up this cycle? Depends on who she faces. I don't mean Ryun or Jenkins. I mean the TYPE of candidate and campaign.

Campaigns have fundamentally changed and the "old Republican party" was taught that in '06, but it doesn't seem they actually learned anything. I see many of the outdated tactics still being used across the country.

OK, done venting. Have a great week.

Anonymous said...

2006 did change a lot of things- just like 1994 changed a lot of things. it took democrats another 10 years to really learn that lesson (run the candidate that fits the district, not the one that's the more "orthodox")...for some reason i think the republicans will take 10 years to get that message, too...things change slowly in DC.

Anonymous said...

That is a sweet visual! Nancy Boyda with her head in the clouds.

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