Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Moore Endorses Obama, Boyda Remains Uncommitted

Everyone in the free world knows this at this point, but last night Barack Obama became the presumptive Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party, becoming the first African American to ever lead either major party's ticket.

During the day on Tuesday Kansas Congressman Dennis Moore endorsed Obama, leaving only two of Kansas's superdelegates still uncommitted- Helen Knetzer (president of the National Federation of Democratic Women's Clubs) and Congresswoman Nancy Boyda.

From the Kansas City Kansan:

On Tuesday, Boyda campaign spokesperson Thomas Seay told the Kansan that the congresswoman “is focusing on her work in Washington,” and would probably not pledge her superdelegate vote until a nominee became clear.

That date may be drawing sooner. With a number of new superdelegate commitments in addition to delegates he receives in the final two primaries today, the Illinois senator is closing in on a mathematical lock of the Democratic nomination.
We certainly will let you know as soon as Boyda publicly announces her support- like that article says, it is, at this point, only a matter of time.


Anonymous said...

obama's going to kick mccain's ass...and just might even carry kansas.

Anonymous said...

Way to go out on a limb Nancy .... wait until your endorsement doesn't matter in the race.

Anonymous said...

personally i don't care if she ever "endorses" anyone for anything...she's supposed to me my congresswoman, not someone else's mouthpiece.

i'm sure she'll "support the nominee" and that's enough for me.

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