Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Boyda Supporting Obama for President

After going on the radio yesterday and explaining why she had not yet endorsed Barack Obama for President of the United States, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda did say she was supporting the Senator from Illinois- after the radio program was over.

Boyda's invested herself in representing the people of the Kansas 2nd and has tried to stay out of the presidential race as much as she can, but she has always said she'd plan to support whoever would become the Democratic nominee for president.

UPDATE: Boyda makes it even more official...she has endorsed Barack Obama. Why?

She said she decided to announce her support of Obama now because his campaign has promised to focus on all 50 states instead of only so-called swing states.

Montano said Boyda still plans to skip the Democratic National Convention in Denver so she can work in the district. “She’d rather be doing her day job,” she said.

That be that.


Anonymous said...

so much for staying out of it and remaining independent as she stated just a week or so ago

Anonymous said...

how on earth does this make her "not independent?"

i'm an independent voter and i'm supporting obama. that sure as hell doesn't make me a democrat, and it doesn't make boyda obama's best friend.

Bill W said...

Well, Boyda needs to say so publicly.

This "stay on the sidelines" and "skip the convention" crap from last week will be used against her by whoever her GOP opponent turns out to be. That was just dumb of her. They have already started doing it to other candidates in red-leaning districts ...

"Republicans Attack Dem Congressional Candidate For Not Backing Obama"

Anonymous said...

she did say so...in that article on the PrimeBuzz

Bill W said...

This article? ...

"Obama or Clinton? Boyda still isn't saying, thank you very much"

Buried on the last sentence of a post (in the buried after the jump part, no less, which means next to nobody saw it) with that title it implies she did endorse Obama, but it's not included in the audio stream. That's not saying so publicly at all. Not even close after all the press she got that said just the opposite.

This is not the kind of publicity Boyda needs ...

"Another Red State Dem Refuses To Endorse Obama"

Frankly, Boyda had two choices to not get hit from both inside and outside of her party: Endorse early whoever she wanted to, or endorse the party's nominee. Not endorsing is not an option she should have ever considered. Stupid!

As someone who has knocked more than a thousand doors from Pittsburg to Parsons for Boyda, and a half dozen other small towns in between (Wier, Columbus,...), in 06 and now, I'm very disappointed. It's every bit the the flaky equivalent on a congressional scale of Hillary not stepping up on Tues to do what she did on Sat.

Anonymous said...

hahaha Boyda a moderate, Have you seen Obama tax policy. Just give Lynn Jenkins more stuff to beat you with nancy. Just makes it easier for her!

Anonymous said...

really honestly, i'm not upset with boyda on this at all. she's going to get tied to the national ticket regardless of how she handles this, so she can play it however she pleases.

i know she's said it in public and in a couple of news reports that she's going to support the nominee. that works for me.

and, really- that's not her race to run. she's a local candidate running a local election. ryun & jenkins will both try to make it about Obama, but it didn't work in Louisiana or in Mississippi, and it isn't going to work here, either.

Anonymous said...

You are correct .... it isn't about Obama's tax and spend policies .... it is about Boyda's tax and spend policies

Anonymous said...

or jenkins' tax and spend policies.

you know, lynn jenkins has voted for more tax increases than jim ryun or nancy boyda- combined.

Anonymous said...

this isn't about some fake rhetoric...republicans found that our in Mississippi & Lousiana...this election is about the things that matter to people...and they aren't going to get scared into voting for republicans again.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Americans should be looking at the lack of delivery on promises by Democrats when they took over Congress.

Longer work weeks - not happening
Reduce deficit - not happening
Change of Washington as usual - not happening
END WAR IN IRAQ - didn't happen
Control Overspending - Nope
Work on issues in bi-partisan way - NOPE
End partisan bickering - Nope
Energy Independence Legislation - Nope

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