Monday, June 16, 2008

Left Brain Kansas: Conservative District?

In a great post over at Left Brain Kansas, our blue comrade at arms takes up the question as to whether or not the 2nd District of Kansas really is as "conservative" as Jim Ryun seems to think it is:

First, let's examine how the district is represented in the Kansas Legislature. Of the 43 seats that lie either in whole or in part in the 2nd District, 22 are held by Democrats compared to 21 Republican-held seats.

State House and Senate seats are divided proportionately based on population, so that means the majority of the voters in the 2nd District are represented by at least one Democrat in the Kansas Legislature.
And, a kicker the Republicans really wish we'd all just forget:
In the past 20 elections, Democrats have won the seat 11 times, Republicans have won it nine times. Republicans not named Jim Ryun or Sam Brownback have won the seat only three times.
If nothing else, history proves that while Republicans definitely have the voter registration edge in this district, but that doesn't make it a Republican lock.

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