Monday, June 9, 2008

Only So Many Ways to Say "D'oh!"

So, we don't really want to be rude, but, you know, there are only so many ways to say, "How on Earth were you in Congress as long as you were?"

From the Fort Mills (South Carolina) Times:

Jim Ryun doesn't believe he has to change his message to recapture the 2nd Congressional District seat he once held.
Good for you, Jim- stay the course.
Ryun says political conditions are different this year than they were in 2006 when Democrat Nancy Boyda defeated him.
That's true- they are different. Conditions are actually worse for Republicans than they were in 2006.


Anonymous said...

Huh, let me see. Cutting taxes, smaller government, supporting the troops at every turn, voting against No Child Left Behind, against killing babies. . . .these all sound pretty good to me.

As for Boyda, continuing to earmark like a drunken sailor, walking out of Armed Services Committee meetings and making a fool of herself on national television, voting for the biggest tax increase in US history, sponsoring a bill to take away the secret ballot for union workers, lying to the people of the 2nd District about the source of her campaign funding. . . .

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"the biggest tax increase in history" is GOP BS

ryun left more committee meetings than boyda's even been in

HB 800 made it easier to form a union, easier to protect worker rights

and the people of the KS 2nd know exactly where her money is coming from: Kansas. Unlike Jim, who has seen almost all of his come from out of state.

Anonymous said...

why are both ryun and jenkins stupid? why can't kansas R's find a smart candidate to run for anything?

Anonymous said...

how on earth does anyone think boyda won't be re-elected? she's been home every single weekend, she's actually listened to people on the ground (something ryun won't do) and she's voted the right way on the issues most important to people: immigration & the war in iraq.

ryun can't beat her by lying about her record, and jenkins just can't beat her at all.

Anonymous said...

Boyda's constituent services suck, every time she opens her mouth, Kansans cringe and as for her "being home every weekend" that is b.s.

You know which committee meeting I am talking about.

As for her lying on campaign funds, what about the pledge not to take DC money? Pelosi, Hoyer-just about every check the DCCC Frontline candidates are getting, Boyda is getting.

And if you think she was helping union workers with her bill, you're wrong. Union bosses have her in their back pocket. Do you think she would be getting this kind of PAC money if she was really helping the workers? Who are the CARPENTERS LEGISLATIVE IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS AND JOINERS? And the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIREFIGHTERS INTERESTED IN REGISTRATION AND EDUCATION PAC? The INTERNATIONAL BROTHERHOOD OF BOILERMAKERS CAMPAIGN ASSISTANCE FUND?

Anonymous said...

Radical Republicans are the only people who think unions are evil- so you can throw those around as much as you want- regular folk don't think unions are bad.

as to her constituent services- they're second to none in the state of kansas- her congress on your corner programs alone is a hundred fold better than anything ryun ever did when he was in office

Anonymous said...

Yeah .... the union did such a great job for the employees at Goodyear.

Just ask the union members.

Anonymous said...

without unions we wouldn't have weekends...overtime pay...pensions...

radical conservative hostility toward workers (yes, workers...) all comes from the Republican Party's devotion to the idea business can do no wrong, and employees should just shut up already.

boyda's been good for workers- who just happen to be the majority of the people in her district.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ..... unions once did good things but now union leaders are so in bed with top management little is achieved.

Have you seen the unions take a position on illegal imigration and cheap labor they provide? Nope .... why is that? Because national union leaders are more concerned about politics than they are workers.

Anonymous said...

stop talking out your ass...unions are still the only advocate for quality worker treatment

who do you think is? the republican party? don't make me laugh

Anonymous said...

"stop talking out your ass...unions are still the only advocate for quality worker treatment"-let me guess, you're not a union worker. You don't even have to respond for me to know the answer to that one.

Anonymous said...

Yet another example of Boyda double talk. First example: I am not taking DC money, please ignore my FEC report. Second example: I am undeclared on who I am voting for at the convention, but I support Obama.

"Kansas Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is a superdelegate, meaning that she has a vote at the Democratic National Convention on the now-all-but-decided Obama vs. Clinton question.

That made her response to a question today on KCUR's "Up to Date" all the more perplexing.

"I am still undeclared," she said. "I am still staying in my lane, which is representing the good people of the 2nd District of Kansas."

But why? The race is over. Why not declare?

"The main purpose people hired me to go to Congress is to represent them in the House of Representatives," Boyda said. "That’s my main job.

"So I’m going to stay in my lane and do what mainly what people hired me to do and that is go work on their behalf.”

In fact, Boyda said she may not go to the convention at all. That gathering amounts to a series of endless receptions and fund-raisers, she said.

"I’m not interested in necessarily going into the convention to get pulled into that whole scene that I haven’t been in for the last 18 months when I could be home in Kansas working with the good people of Kansas. I love being at home.”

Obama, she added, won't be coming to her state much anyway to defend himself. "So most people don’t expect me to pick up that flag…”

Boyda said, after the program, that she is backing Obama for president. So...go figure.

Listen to the interview here."

Anonymous said...

Democrats continue to be the party of the worker...Republicans will always be the party of big least as long as they take millions from billionaire executives they will be.

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