Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So Much for not Mentioning Jenkins, Huh, Jim?

We already talked about the horrible stupid that got spewed by both Jim Ryun & Lynn Jenkins at the Farm Bureau candidate forum in Iola, but we just had some new information passed to us that makes it pretty clear Ryun has already forgotten his own pledge to run a "clean campaign" or, at least, one that doesn't include either he or Jenkins mentioning each other by name but only in vague and/or subconscious ways.

Anyway, before Jenkins took to the stage, Ryun said:

"You’ll hear in a few minutes from my opponent. She’ll talk about new, Republican leadership. Actually, where was that when she served in the state house and senate?”

So much for the 11th Commandment. But, Jim, you silly, don't you see? Raising taxes is the new brand of Republican leadership she's talking about!

Oh, one more thing- Jenkins wee child of a campaign spokesman Josh Hersh had this to say about Jim's new TV commercials:
"While a TV ad can tell a story, Lynn Jenkins' lifelong record of cutting waste and balancing budgets demonstrates the kind of discipline we need in Washington."
He wouldn't say when Lynn planned to go up on TV...for her sake, hopefully soon.


Anonymous said...

thank god for boyda- another dirty republican primary!

Anonymous said...

I don't think Ryun left the pledge open ended.

Anonymous said...

of course he didn't...but you'd think the man would stand by his own principles, even if his opponent wouldn't

oh well...send that one up to another republican being a hypocrite.

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