Friday, June 20, 2008

Boeing, Emmergency Supplemental & More on the Poll

Three things: Boyda's congressional office sent out two press releases over the last few days, but in all the excitement with the Boyda & the Jenkins poll, we didn't get them posted.

First, Boyda's response to the GAO decision to sustain an appeal made by Boeing regarding the awarding of a contract for new tankers.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) today announced its decision to sustain an appeal by Boeing over a tanker contract awarded earlier this year to EADS, the European Aerospace conglomerate and Northrop Grumman. Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (Kansas Second District) called the GAO's decision "the right thing to do – for national security and for America's economy."


Boyda said "I am extremely pleased the GAO has called for the Air Force to reopen contract discussions, re-evaluate the revised proposals and make a new source selection decision. After all, it just makes no sense for America to outsource our ability to defend our nation. In World War II, our nation's manufacturers turned on a dime to produce the planes and trucks we need to keep America safe. With every contract we send overseas, we lose our capacity to build for our own military."

"Please know," added Boyda, "I will continue the fight to help protect our nation's security and jobs in Kansas when it comes to awarding military contracts."

Boyda also issued a statement regarding her reasons behind supporting the new emergency supplemental bill containing funds for the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan, along with new monies for domestic programs.
Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (Kansas Second District) announced today that the U.S. House of Representatives, in a bipartisan show of support, voted for an Emergency Supplemental Funding Bill.
Boyda said "Kansans should be pleased that my colleagues from both sides of the aisle came together in voting for this bill. It addresses many important issues for the Second District of Kansas, including funding for a much needed new hospital at Fort Riley, assistance for disaster stricken areas, and an extension of unemployment benefits for the jobless."

The Supplemental contains $161.8 billion to fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through the summer of 2009, as well as $2.65 billion in disaster relief funds for areas of the Midwest hit by tornadoes and flooding. It extends unemployment compensation by 13 weeks for Kansas workers unable to find jobs because of the ailing economy. It expands the GI Bill to provide improved education benefits for veterans and allows veterans to transfer education benefits to their families.
And, finally, another new analysis piece about the new poll showing Congresswoman Nancy Boyda polling substaintially ahead of her Republican challengers & with approval ratings higher than any other elected official in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

good job on everything but the war funding

Anonymous said...

An "analysis" of the poll by MyDD? Wow, objective sourcing there.

boydabloc said...

we didn't say it was objective now did we? we just wanted to point it out to you.

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