Thursday, June 19, 2008

More New Polling! Jenkins...trails Ryun?

In what strikes us as a case of "Me, too!" Lynn Jenkins' campaign shot out an email this morning about a new poll commissioned by them that contained some amazing, stunning, shocking news about the Republican primary in the 2nd District of Kansas!

She's still losing.

No, wait, that's not exactly what she said-

According to the findings, Lynn Jenkins leads Jim Ryun by 13 points among people who know both candidates! This is great news, but let me be clear - this indicates that once voters get introduced to Lynn, they support her.
Important: She leads among voters who know who they both are. Question: Exactly how many people is that, Lynn?

She'd rather not say.
This poll confirms that our greatest challenge is to get Lynn's name out there to the people.
Then why aren't you on TV? The radio? Anything?

Money troubles?

But, do you get the point? If people just knew who Lynn Jenkins was, they'd support her. In fact, according to this e-mail, the people of the district already just love her!
In fact, nearly one third of likely primary voters have a negative impression of Ryun as opposed to only 4% who view Lynn unfavorably.
Golly gee! That's amazing! But...wait...didn't you say no one in the district knew who you were? Isn't it awfully hard to have an opinion of any kind about something (or someone) of which you've never heard? Hmmm...Ms. Jenkins is trying to pull the wool over her supporter's eyes with that last one.

Regardless- the e-mail is important for what it leaves out. We don't have any idea how many people have any idea who Lynn Jenkins is, and we don't have any idea what her actual head-to-head with Jim Ryun is. Also, notice, she didn't tell you how she fairs against Nancy Boyda, either...that's because, as we saw yesterday, she's getting her hat handed to her.

Poor Lynn. Another bad week.


Anonymous said...

Jesus, Lynn...give it up're leading among voters who know both you and ryun. how many people is that? 28?

Anonymous said...

so, unless she gets up on TV FAST, she's going to lose this thing BIG TIME.

don't be stupid, jenkins.

Anonymous said...

Hersh was quoted last week as saying they wouldn't be on TV this week. Either they're out of money or they are completely incompetent.

Anonymous said...

how could they be out of money? they have almost 500,000 in the bank after the last quarter...

what on earth did they spend it all on?

Anonymous said...

Can someone post all the numbers? Questions? Did she poll primary voters? How many?
I think someone needs to tell Team Jenkins there is an art to spinning bad numbers. Doing it this baldly doesn't really help her cause. My guess is her pollster came back to her and said, "Ryun's numbers are pretty accurate-you're getting killed. But here's an idea. . . ."

Anonymous said...

yep...that's exactly what probably happened...the Ryun & Boyda numbers show Jenkins losing bad, but partially because no one knows who she is.

makes you wonder why on earth she's not up on TV yet.

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