Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jenkins: Announcing from an Undisclosed Location

So, fine, it isn't the locations for the Lynn Jenkins "New Republican Leadership Announcement Tour" that are unknown- its the times.

Just more of the same, of course- Lynn's just trying to make sure no one she doesn't want at any of her events can find them. Par for the course from the only woman ever to run for Congress by only speaking to invited crowds of eight.

This tour does tell ya something about Lynn's experience campaigning on this scale- she's promised to visit every single county over the course of 4 days- starting with 9 cities yesterday, another 8 today, 2 on Sunday and 6 more on Monday.

First, as a Kansas taxpayer, this particular blogger doesn't appreciate my state treasurer skipping work on a Friday and a Monday to campaign for a different office (RESIGN if you aren't going to do the job you have, Lynn).

Second- Jim Ryun and Congresswoman Nancy Boyda didn't decide to spread out their tours through the district over the course of several weeks because they're lazy- they did it because both of them realize it approaches impossible to go from one end of the district to the other, hitting upwards of 10 towns in a single day- you don't get to actually talk to anyone about anything, you just blow in and blow out- exactly the opposite of the kind of interaction Kansans want with their representatives.

So, we'll enjoy reports from the field telling us about the tiny crowds around the district- but, well, that's the rub of not telling anyone when you'll be in town- no on knows you're coming.


Anonymous said...

aww Boyda Bloc...your efforts are amusing

Anonymous said...

Yeah .... she is hiding so much that she is traveling to all 26 counties for events between now and Tuesday.

Seems like hiding to me.

Her little stalker from the Boyda campaign/State Dems ought to have a busy weekend.

Anonymous said...

3 points: 1) Lurch is now posing as a Jenkins campaign staffer. He wears the same color blue shirt as the Jenkins campaign only without the logo. 2) BB its called vacation, but you have to have a job to get it. BB is just jealous because Jenkins has won 7 elections in a row. 3) JC, congrats on the new job, by the way when are you up for election again?

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how many republicans have finally found this blog- good for them.

jenkins sure is traveling the district, that's true...but will someone tell me why she didn't say when she'd be in any of these little towns? how will people know where to go or when to be there.

she's hiding from the KSDP tracker, and that's sad.

Anonymous said...

i don't want my state officials taking "vacation" to campaign for another office.

i want them to be at work. she should have the same devotion to the people as Bob Dole did- when he ran for the next higher office, he resigned his seat in the Senate and let us get a full-time Senator.

I want a full time Treasurer.

Anonymous said...

JC, congrats on the new job, by the way when are you up for election again?

is that you angel, or is it still josh?'re cute, but a lot stupider than you think you are.

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