Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You Be the Pundit: What are the Numbers?

A friend of ours says blogging isn't just about exposure- shoving a story out for people to see- but it's really about a conversation between the person blogging and the people reading and writing comments.

So, to fill what seems to a slow news day, we'd like to hear your gut instincts about where the Republican primary really is at this point. We've seen these poll numbers:

Mid-April 08 (from the Jenkins Campaign)

Mid-May 08 (from the Ryun Campiagn)
So...which one is closer? Has Jenkins closed the gap? Has Ryun pulled ahead? We've had a couple of people comment here about a rumored Jenkins poll that was in the field a few weeks ago...what did it show?

And what about Congresswoman Nancy Boyda? What's does her district think of her? We know there hasn't been any public polling on that point...but we're interested in your gut reaction

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Ryun 48
Jenkins 48

Boyda's approval- 47

Anonymous said...

ryun 70 jenkins 15

and the only people who like boyda are libs in Topeka and lawrence

Anonymous said...

Ryun a gillion, Jenkins 3 dead babies.

Anonymous said...

Jenkins 49
Ryun 40

I'd guess Boyda's approval is around 45%

Anonymous said...


Jenkins ahead.

LOL hahahahahahahhahaa

Anonymous said...

jenkins ahead.

UNLESS ryun's fantastic ad about his 50% hearing loss and 39 years of marriage swings undecided Republicans back his way.

Anonymous said...

55 Ryun, 40 Jenkins

Boyda at 30 approval

Anonymous said...

55- 40 Jenkins-Ryun

BECAUSE of his horrible TV ad

Anonymous said...

Boyda 62% Ryun 20 % Jenkins 15% Ryun and Jenkins got pity votes and people who are too ignorant to know when they have been represented or not.

Anonymous said... Boyda can pull anything over 50

Ryun's beating Jenkins in the primary 55-30

Anonymous said...

Generic ticket: 53-42-5 R-D-Undecided

Boyda-Ryun: 50-44-6 B-R-Un

Boyda-Jenkins: 49-37-14 B-J-Un

Ryun-Jenkins: 48-40-12 R-J-Un
(straight tickets...I'll explain in a sec)

Name ID:
Boyda 94%
Ryun 97%
Jenkins 51%

Among people who have heard of all 3...

Boyda-Ryun: 51-41-8 B-R-Un

Boyda-Jenkins: 46-43-11 B-J-Un

Drum roll please...

Ryun-Jenkins: 44-42-14 R-J-Un

What does it all mean Basil? The Jenkins poll in April was a weighted subsect of a larger poll and the public numbers were of people who knew of both her and Jim with no weight given to likely voters. So it shows she is closing the gap when comparing apples to apples.

Ryun's public numbers from May are also a weighted subsect of a larger poll. His numbers are from only people identified as republicans who are likely to vote in August with no weight given to name recognition. So it shows that of people who know him 2/3 would vote for him. It leaves you to wonder though if Jenkins can get enough ID to effect those numbers in a month and a half.

Ryun 41%
Boyda 40%
Jenkins 12% (no one knows her)

Anonymous said...

I call BS

Anonymous said...

Ryun unfavorables at 41%? that' a laugh.

Try mid 50's

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