Monday, June 23, 2008

KS GOP Blogs Stupid: Is This Just a Running Gag?

We've finally decided: The Kansas Trunkline isn't actually run by the Kansas Republican Party. No statewide organization with hundreds of thousands of members could ever produce something that stupid and that never, ever contains more than a ratio of 1 fact to every 5 lies.

It just isn't possible the blog is actually produced by the Kansas Republican Party. We refuse to believe a statewide party is that amateurish, that arrogant, that....stupid.

And chicken- we should mention chicken- because they don't have the cajoles to let people post comments pointing out their stupid.

For this disaster, we'll translate "Batshit Insane Right-Wing Radical" into "Reasonable-personspeak" for your convenience:

"While I'm pleased that Boyda has finally seen the light, Kansans should not forget the absurd remarks she made on the subject only four months ago. Boyda originally voted against this bill; and at the time she had the audacity to call the Kansas GOP 'damn liars' for pointing out the flaws in her position.
1. They only call the remarks "absurd" because she hurt their feelings, publicly calling them out for lying and the like. It was an amazing speech- the best double-fisted defense against the right-wing spin machine anyone in Kansas has seen in a lifetime.

2. Boyda has only ever voted one way on this particular bill- in favor of it. The bill Boyda voted FOR in February was a much better version of this bill- which the Republicans prevented from becoming law.

3. For the love of...Boyda never once said the KS GOP were "damn liars"- 12,000 people have listened to the speech, but Christian Morgan continues to believe he can just make things up about it. No, dear Mr. Morgan, Boyda called the "Defense of Democracies" TV ad "damned lies" because, wow, IT WAS FILLED WITH LIES! We're going to get tired of linking to the Newsweek piece that refuted it, but hell, it's necessary. (BTW, just like we said the last time they pulled this stupid out, the version of the ad they linked to on their blog contains 30 seconds refuting the ad....did they take it down? Oh no...of course not. Because they're idiots). Point remains the same as it was in February- the KS GOP was then (and, obviously are still) willfully pushing "damned lies."

(We hate how long these posts get...but point-by-point refutation takes a lot of words...)
"Now that her re-election is in doubt, she flip-flopped-showing that doesn't really know where she stands on the most important issue facing Americans today.
1. Yes, sure, Christian- Boyda's re-election is in doubt. Keep on ignoring reality- it will surely go away.

2. Boyda hasn't changed positions. She voted for the last bill, she voted for this bill. What on Earth is wrong with you people?

You don't have to lie to win, and you don't have to lie to blog. You'd think the KS GOP would learn that for their own sakes.


Anonymous said...

jesus....this is why the ks gop is losing...i'm a republican and i'm freakin' ashamed of these yahoos.

Anonymous said...

yeah .... i am sure you are a Republican

Anonymous said...

yes, i am a republican. i'm not a kris kobach republican, so i might not be welcome in the party any more though...

Anonymous said...

And this Democrat is very, very pleased the head cheese of the Kansas Republican Party is as stupid as their blog shows...easier for us. :-)

Anonymous said...

Why does Nancy Boyda hate the troops? And, why does she want to destroy the American family?

Anonymous said...

Why does Jim Ryun eat people?

Anonymous said...

and why does Lynn Jenkins kill babies?

Anonymous said...

jesus...haven't like the last 5 posts on the GOP's blog been filled with out-and-out lies? how can they get away with that?

Anonymous said...

why does Nancy Boyda hate America?

Anonymous said...



cry cry

"outright lies"




Kevin said...

Just noticed that they posted a response. They claim that you *can* post comments (though I've never seen any there), but you can't post anonymously and you must register first. I assumed that meant that I could post with my blogger sign-in, but that doesn't work. It says this:

Comments on this blog are restricted to team members.
You're currently logged in as Kevin. You may not comment with this account.

No mention of how to become a "team member", though. I'd ask them, but I can't post comments on their blog...

Anonymous said...

i wondered about that, do i register to post comments? how do i ask if i can't post comments?

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