Thursday, June 19, 2008

More on the Poll

Last night's breaking news about the astounding poll results coming out of the KS-02 drew considerable attention around the tubes.

Swing State Project, DailyKos, and Everyday Citizen all had the numbers on their front page. We'd encourage all of you visit each on, they all provide different interesting analysis of the numbers. (In a separate treat, Boyda's speech on FISA is currently also on the front page of kos...gosh, these poll numbers must really suck for all the people who spent so much time and money saying Boyda's position on FISA was wrong and out-of-step with the district...).

While this poll is good new for Boyda (obviously, seeing as she's more popular than any of the 2nd District-wide elected officials, including Gov. Kathleen Sebelius & both U.S. Senators), it particularly bad news for both Jenkins & Ryun. Their head-to-head match ups aren't even close- 37% and 27% respectively. That's got to hurt Ryun especially.

And while this poll shows the Republican primary much closer than previous polls (49-35-16 R-J-U), Jenkins still has an awfully long way to go to close the gap and pass for the former Congressman.

One thing though- she probably needs to stop saying she's the more difficult challenger for Boyda...because, by these numbers, she's quite obviously not.

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Anonymous said...

poor lynn...she's screwed. and i even liked her a little bit.

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