Saturday, June 28, 2008

Social Network Battleground

Back again with our weekly update of how each of our major party candidates are doing in the world of social networking.

We're tracking Facebook and MySpace only.

Candidate# of Friends# of Friends# of Friends

Rep. Nancy Boyda (D)

FB Profile493607874
FB Page820847853
FB Group415431457
Frm. Rep. Jim Ryun (R)

FB Profile142152163
FB Pagen/an/an/a
FB Group2790105
Treasurer Lynn Jenkins (R)

FB Profilen/an/an/a
FB Page929299
FB Group265266274

Another week that sees the most movement from Boyda, though Ryun continues a slow upward trek and even Jenkins saw some new peeps on the Facebook side of things.

In end, we understand such things are hard for Republicans....there aren't so many young people you identify with the GOP...but it's so good they're trying.

Remember, each week we'll indicate any up and down movement by putting increasing numbers in bold and falling numbers in italics.


Anonymous said...

There may not be many young people who identify with the GOP, but luckily it's old people who vote!

Anonymous said...

ah, how darling...someone willing to say "look, our party is dying!"

good luck there, sonny jim

Anonymous said...

it really is kind of shocking to see so much distance between the three...I mean, Jim was in Congress for 10 years, so college students know who he is...and boyda's only been in office 2 years, so her name rec shouldn't be that good. Lynn's a complete unknown, so i get her numbers...but how high boyda's are and how low ryun's are surprises me.

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