Wednesday, June 11, 2008

One Used-Up Athlete & One Ambitious Self-Promoter File Against Boyda

The filing deadline in the state of Kansas has passed, and there weren't any surprises associated with the filings for the 2nd Congressional District.

Republican Party:
Jim Ryun
Lynn Jenkins

Democratic Party:
Nancy E. Boyda

UPDATE: And two more!

Libertarian Party:
Robert Garrard

Reform Party:
Leslie S. Martin

Very early in Boyda's term various other names were bandied about by the national press as potential challengers, including State Representative Lee Tafanelli, Frm. Speaker of the Kansas House Doug Mays, Senate Majority Leader Derek Schmidt, and leader of the crazy brigade (Kansas Americans for Prosperity) Alan Cobb.

For one reason or another they all decided against challenging Boyda....Schmidt didn't want to run in a district he didn't live in, Tafanelli got burned early by writing an editorial saying Boyda has lost millions for the military bases when she actually hadn't, and we're just guessing Doug Mays' life is a lot easier now that he doesn't have to deal with partisan politics. As to Alan Cobb...well...he had blogs to bother instead.

Anyway, the line up is now official, and exactly has it had been for months.

By the way- we've seen some Jim Ryun yard signs in Topeka...this puppy's about to hit full swing!


Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Used up athlete? You meant 3 time Olympian, Olympic medallist, one of the most decorated Kansas athletes. . . .ever.
BTW, anyone reading this blog needs to read the Kansas Republican today. They lay out in full the double speak of Nancy Boyda: "I don't take DC money. . . .but I actually have, just please (puhleeeese) ignore the few hundred thousands in my campaign coffers from DC interest groups who have nothing in common with everyday Kansans."
Uh, and Tafanelli was right-Boyda did lose millions for the Kansas military bases. I believe the number was upwards of $40 million.

Anonymous said...

Uh, and Tafanelli was right-Boyda did lose millions for the Kansas military bases. I believe the number was upwards of $40 million.

nope, poor kid, Tafanelli, the Cap-J, everyone just believed the Republican spin on that one.

The Capitol-Journal even apologized for it.

Facts + Republican = Sad Republican.

Anonymous said...

please....ryun WAS a great he's just a washed up former athlete & former congressman.

Anonymous said...

a vote for lynn jenkins is a vote for tax & spend, abortion on demand, and more incompetence in washington

Anonymous said...

who knew there still was a Reform Party?

Anonymous said...

Oh, my gosh, you're right-the Cap Journal apologized to Boyda. Didn't see that one coming. . . .
No, Boyda lost millions. It's not spin. It's fact. Those things (facts) seem to be a problem for Nancy.
Odd, no response to Boyda's attempts at smoke and mirrors on her DC money and broken promises.

Anonymous said...

wow...the Republicans lied about Boyda losing money for the bases, and the newspaper had enough balls to say "we made a mistake believing them."

actually, the bases in kansas have received ever more money now...

lying isn't going to get this seat back.

Boyda Bloc said...

If we responded to every hair-brained press release the NRCC sent out, we'd never be able to do anything else.

Fact of the matter is, however, Congresswoman Nancy Boyda has consistently shown more money coming in from her district than either of her Republican opponents.

Draw whatever distinctions you'd like, but the reports are tremendously clear.

Anonymous said...

As a percentage, Jenkins has more from Kansas than Boyda.

Anonymous said...

You're right..Lynn has more kansas donors than either jim or boyda.

but if you just consider the people she's running to represent....boyda beats both ryun and jenkins handedly.

Anonymous said...

did anyone seriously mention alan cobb as a candidate for congress? has anyone listened to the nut speak?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you think about Ryun's politics, ask a group of legitimate track fans who the greatest American miler ever is, and at least 75% (probably more like 90%) will say Ryun. And he ran back when track was king.

Also, you can argue whether or not subsequent bills "put the money back" or not (I, and Fort Riley folks I know, don't think so, but...), but what you can't argue is Boyda's original vote against the bill with all of that money in there. She sadly wasn't thinking...but rather following the democrat leadership she had previously promised not to follow blindly.

Anonymous said...

the bases got the funding- end of story.

the republicans fell down on the ball when they refused to full fund BRAC...Boyda & the new majority has a hell of a mess on their hands. boyda never voted to cut funds for the bases and, in the end, the ended up with more money than the Republicans ever even intended.

Anonymous said...

Sorry being the best miler does not qualify you to be a good or great Congressman. Athletic prowess has squat to do with political abilities.

And I am a Republican.

Heck if that was true Michael Jordan and Joe Montana ought to be leading contenders for President. Danny Manning as Kansas Governor.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing “crazy” about freedom, liberty and prosperity. Every Kansan should be thankful that the Kansas chapter of Americans For Prosperity is fighting hard to protect the taxpayer because we certainly don’t get that from partisan politicians! FYI Boyda Bloc, when you engage in name calling you automatically lose the argument because you obviously have no facts on your side.

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