Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jenkins Stance On Abortion Makes Her Unique

Exactly who a Republican candidate in a nasty primary in Kansas wants to be: The poster-child for pro-choice Republican women!

WISH List, a group that supports pro-choice Republican women running for office, has only one non-incumbent on its federal-level endorsement list for November: Lynn Jenkins, the current Kansas state treasurer. Jenkins is running in a GOP Congressional primary against the highly favored Jim Ryun, a hard-line anti-choicer who served five terms in the House before being booted out of office by pro-choice Republican-turned-Democrat Nancy Boyda in 2006.
Lonely, Lynn?


Anonymous said...

Wow. Lynn should have just switched parties and primaried Boyda. I mean, at least then she could have run as a centrist dem, and heck, maybe have had a fighting chance against Boyda's further left positions. Running as a tax and spend, abortion rights candidate in a Republican primary just doesn't work in Kansas.

Anonymous said...

But seeing where are your principles when you change parites, I mean that makes you pretty spinless right?

Anonymous said...

No problem with anyone switching parties- you should be in the party that you agree with. i used to be a republican, too, but i can't handle the crazy social conservatives, so now i'm a libertarian.

Anonymous said...

Lynn's just screwed...this isn't how her first campaign for federal office was supposed to go...and i wonder what it does to her future plans...after getting beaten by Jim Ryun is she a viable candidate for anything ever again?

Anonymous said...

I wonder when Jim is going to start running (seems like the only subject he likes to talk about) on his vast accomplishments over hus 10 years in Congress.

If you look at his multi-page mailer and his ads one would think he was seeking the position for the first time. What is Jim running from? And then he talks about what he would do if elected .....hmmmm why did you do them when you were there for 10 years JIM???

Anonymous said...

half as much as nancy boyda has done in 2 years- that's what Ryun did.

Anonymous said...


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