Friday, June 27, 2008

Analysis: Ryun's Ad Filled with Deep Metaphor Missed by Most

For those who missed it, Washburn University Political Science professor Dr. Bob Beatty was on Topeka NBC affiliate KSNT yesterday with his take on Jim Ryun's first ad the of the primary season, which is called by the Ryun campaign, "Duckling."

We don't disagree with Beatty's interperation of the ad, metaphors and all, but we're also quite certain the casual TV viewing audience isn't nearly as engage or paying nearly as much attention as neccessary to even begin to fathom that level of obliqueness.

We've all heard just one thing about this ad, "We all said we didn't know enough about Jim Ryun to vote for him again, and the first thing you tell us in your ads is the ONLY THING WE ALL ALREADY KNOW!"


Anonymous said...

oh deep

Anonymous said...

wow - Bob could be an English major with all that BS... somtimes a cigar is just a cigar and sometimes Jim Ryun is just trying to remind people that he was a runner

Anonymous said...

i totally see what Beatty is saying- but i'm with BB, no one just watching TV is ever going to pick up on any of the allusions made in the ad.

waste of time and waste of money- just spell it out plain-like, jimmy

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