Friday, June 20, 2008

Boyda: New FISA Law Provides Checks & Balances

From the Office of Congresswoman Nancy Boyda:



WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congresswoman Nancy Boyda (Kansas Second District) announced that, after months of debate, the United States House of Representatives has today voted in favor of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act 2008 by a vote of 293-129.

Boyda said "Since I took office in January, 2007, my highest priority has been to protect our country. It's the reason I ran for Congress – to protect my family and the families of Kansas. This is a responsibility I take very seriously. Congress has reached a bi-partisan agreement on a bill that provides protection for America – without violating the rights of Americans."

The FISA bill requires court approval prior to the start of surveillance in a non-emergency. In an emergency, it allows the "wiretap first, get permission later" policy that Boyda has been advocating.

Boyda said, "I have been adamant that any Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act require checks and balances. This bill reaffirms what I have said repeatedly. The Protect America Act and the Senate version did not reflect the values of America. This bill strikes a good balance."

"I heard from some constituents about immunity for telecommunications companies. This limited immunity should not in any way close the books on investigations into any illegal wiretapping which may have taken place. The American public deserves to know the truth."


Ash Mcgonigal said...

She can put lipstick on that pig any way she wants, but she still sold out the Constitution and the American people. I might still vote for her, but she can count on not having my support.

Anonymous said...

She sold out again. FISA along with bringing the troops home.

Anonymous said...

this bill was a huge improvement over the Senate version.

Anonymous said...

Boyda's excuse is bullshit. She's no better than a republican and has lost my vote this November, and I called her office and left a message telling her that.

Anonymous said...

i don't like this bill either, but, come on, people, this is how you govern- you sometimes have to compromise.

Anonymous said...

i'll vote for her and support her just like always....but i cannot BELIEVE she voted to give anyone retroactive immunity for ANYTHING!

it's ridiculous, it's offensive, and it makes me furious.

Anonymous said...

"i don't like this bill either, but, come on, people, this is how you govern- you sometimes have to compromise."

That's true, but this bill is no compromise. There was nothing wrong with the existing FISA law and this bill is all about giving the telecoms (and by extension, the bush administration) immunity for breaking the law. Pelosi, Hoyer, Boyda, and every other Democrat who voted for this can go to hell. The republicans who voted for this were already on their way to hell, but now they'll have the company of over 100 soulless Democratic Representatives.

Joe Hill Jr. said...

This makes me think that electoral politics leads to corporate government fascism. The rich can afford to buy politicians. Can you?

If only working people in this country had the solidarity and the will to mount a general strike with political demands. Then they would have to buy off all of us, not just a few politicians.

And this whole "representative democracy" is like permanent childhood. A few people make big decisions for you and by implication claim to know what is in your best interest.

How about direct democracy through the ballot initiative process? I bet there are a few Republicans in this state that might be interested along with democratic Democrats if there are any.

Anonymous said...

this bill was a compromise- and FISA did need updated.

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