Friday, June 6, 2008

KS GOP: Can't Find the Truth with a Flashlight and a Bucket

Go read the Kansas Republican Party's official blog- The Trunkline- right now. Go do it. They've written a piece about Congresswoman Nancy Boyda, just ripping her apart for goin' all crazy risin' taxes.

They even say this:

On her MySpace website, Boyda states, “I will support a rollback cuts.”
Where to begin? First, anyone who isn't brain-dead can guess the "..." inserted in that quote probably cut our some pretty important information. Unfortunately, we can't give you the full quote...because these isn't any quote anywhere on her MySpace page that includes the words "rollback" or "tax cuts." See for yourself.

We aren't really saying the Republicans are lying...we just can't verify the facts they're talkin' about are actually real.

One other thing:
She then proposed over $48,000,000 of her own personal earmarks, including a museum just for convicts in Leavenworth!
For the love of everything holy...hate the museum earmark or love it, but the money wasn't for a "museum just for convicts." That ludicrous, and the KS GOP ought be ashamed of misrepresenting the facts.

Oh, also (God, so many things!), we love Christian Morgan thinks he can read the minds of Democrats, but Boyda wasn't extended membership into the Blue Dog Coalition because they have a membership limit...which the met.

You've got to , you know, give them credit for trying.


Anonymous said...


You have said on this site that Boyda is not in favor of continuing all of the Bush tax cuts. If you don't continue the cuts you are raising taxes.

What is not correct about that?

Anonymous said...

the quote in on the trunkline is a lie

Anonymous said...

Please tell us what is not accurate about it? And what would be the accurate statement

Anonymous said...

the 'quote' isn't anywhere on Boyda's MySpace page..that's what's inaccurate about it.

and, no, she's never side she support a "roll back cuts."

what on earth were they even trying to do with a quote like that?

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